Jordan Pincus: Director
Jordan (Jay) Pincus started deejaying in the late 80s- manually mixing music, beat for beat on the ‘fantastic plastic’ of the 12" Vinyl Era. Jay became known for his ability to create a specialized blend of sounds, in a market that was and still is overly dominated by commercial and Top 40 music. In the Brooklyn and Queens entertainment industries, Jay's talent for deejaying and emceeing led to his performing at hundreds of events. His specialty is putting on non-stop, fun filled events that both children and adults can enjoy. His superior ability to create action-packed kid’s parties has helped to define him as a go to DJ for parents who prefer wholesome fun and kid friendly music mixes. Some of his more notable events include, the (Queens) American Cancer Society's Annual “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer” outdoor event, and the New York Islander's Family day.
Flipside Music is a fully licensed, insured, reliable and experienced party and event entertainment company, catering to a clientele who prefers quality and substance over showiness and appearance. “We're more of a boutique rather than a department store”, states the Director, Jordan Pincus. “Because of this, we focus on what we're good at, providing professional, high quality music, dancing, and interactive activities for the entertainment of our clients and their guests.” Contact us for an initial consultation. If we're not a good match for the event you envision we'll gladly refer you to other companies who can better service your needs.
Andy Bokar (AKA DJ Legal) began his musical career playing high school events at the age of 16. As his neighborhood popularity grew, he decided to turn his passion into a profession. This career move led to him deejaying at his college's radio station, and eventually performing at several Metropolitan Washington DC events. As he continued on to law-school, Andy took the opportunity to develop his MC and DJ skills.